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Things To Know About Thermal Ribbons

What are thermal transfer ribbons? Why are thermal transfer ribbons necessary? Is it imperative that I use thermal transfer ribbons when printing? These are all frequently asked questions when it comes to ordering ribbons for label printers. It is important to know about your options when you choose thermal ribbons to go into your thermal transfer label printer. That’s where we come in – everything you need to know is right here!

Did you know that thermal transfer printing is a printing process in which an image is applied to paper or labels by heating up thermal ribbon in order for the print to be transferred onto the material on which it is applied? Selecting the right type of thermal transfer ribbon for your label printer will ensure that your thermal transfer lives up to the required quality and durability of the job at hand. There are 3 types of ribbon in general use, each used for different specifications – Full Wax, a Wax and Resin Blend, and Full Resin. Continue reading